“Sí alguna vez me olvidares,

tálame aunque no me ares”

Passion and tradition

of a family


The origins of Kaove dating back more than three centuries in the care and production of extra virgin olive oil in Jaén, Spain. For generations it has been faithfully followed the same recipe in the production of our oils, which begins with a careful consideration of the olive tree throughout the year, and a very particular attention in the selection and collection of the olives.

Kaove and the lunar calendar

One of the main features that distinguishes our process, is to take into account the lunar calendar. Scientific studies show that the moon contributes to both the germination or growth of the olive trees as in the fruitfulness of the crops in general. The gravitational force of the moon influences in the sap of the plants, their photosynthesis and the germination of the seeds.

Our Ranges of olive oil



Premium Picual

Gourmet Picual

Become a distributor of the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The value of getting to all the world the true flavor of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, best warranty backed by a source unrivalled; Enter and discover all the advantages of belonging to the great family Kaove.

The best way to enjoy Kaove

In Kaove we teach our book of recipes and tips to help you lead a balanced nutrition based on the mediterranean diet.

Sustainability as a primary goal

Committed to our future. We preserve the Environment and try to make a sustainable use of our environment.

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